Topbeat Prospectors?

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Hey Everybody, I'm looking for some assistance here. I'm either missing something, or Topbeat just doesn't work the same as Filebeat.

Can I install the Topbeat beat on the ELK Stack Host, without having to install the topbeat beat on numerous individual servers, and simply configure it on the host to monitor specific servers?

I'm Monitoring Multiple Systems... and the following works for Filebeat, so I was hoping to do the same with Topbeat.

Filebeat on the ELK Stack host, configured the filebeat.yml prospectors section by listing out all individual server paths (This is instead of running Filebeat on each server).

  • paths:
    - \\c$\Program Files (x86)\Product\Logs*
  • paths:
    - \\c$\Program Files (x86)\Product\Logs*

(Chris Wiklo) #2

Got my answer. Nope.
I have to install the beat on all servers.

(ruflin) #3

Please be aware that also for filebeat we recommend to install it on each node instead of mounting network volumes:

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