Using Topbeats for computers on LAN and VM

I was wondering if it is possible to monitore multiple computers over LAN without the need to install it on wach one.

Also, lets say these are actually VMs. What would be the best way to monitore their performance?

Aviv Ratzon

Topbeat needs to be installed on each one.

Currently Topbeat works by reading OS metrics, so you need to install it on your servers. There is a community dockerbeat that can be interesting for you.

I find it very interesting your proposal, so it would be nice if you can open a GitHub issue with the feature request here.

Will do. thank you very much.

Also... I don't want to open another thread so i'll just ask here: how about showing IO of proccesses?
I know this is viewable in windows's performance monitor, but Topbeat doesn't seem to read it.

Do you mean to be able to find processes with heavy disk i/o? For this, please open a feature request in GitHub. There is another feature request for disk utilization here.