Collect Windows Performance counters with *Beats?



I am looking forward a way to collect Windows performance counters locally on a server and forward collected data to central Logstash servers.

Remote WMI collection is not an option (too many servers, physical and security constraints).

Is there anything possible leveraging one of the existing Beats module ? Topbeat looks interesting but is too limited. It cannot be customized with a custom list of counters.


(Andrew Kroh) #2

This sounds like something that the new Metricbeat framework could be used for. You could create a metric module for Windows Performance Counters. Metricbeat hasn't been released yet, but we are working on some guides and code generators to make creating your own modules easier.

Draft version of the contributor guide:

This feature was requested a few times in Topbeat:


It definitely looks like what I need. Will have a look to available guides.
Thanks a lot Andrew

(Augustin Ziegler) #4

Is there any update on this feature request to send Windows Performance Counter via Metricbeat?

Kind regards, Augustin

(ruflin) #5

@Augustin_Ziegler No updates yet. Best is to follow this github issue here:

(Mike ) #6

Hi @ruflin-

Would you please let me know, if you have any update on this ? Thanks !


(ruflin) #7

No updates on this one.

(Mike ) #8

Thanks for your reply @ruflin.

BTW, do we have any other alternative approaches to get the performance counters from a node and send it to Elastic Search? Please let me know.

Thanks in advance,

(ruflin) #9

Not sure if wmibeat could also be used for that?

(system) #10