Monitoring of remote server's CPU utilization

Hi guys,
I am looking for the best solution for measure CPU utilization on the remote server where is running performance testing.

Please can you give me some hint on which plugins or beats do I need to use, I am at the beginning and not sure how should my infrastructure look.

Do I really need Metricbeats?
Do I need to install Metricbeats on the remote server if needed?
Is it possible to measure it by sending data in JSON via HTTP plugin?

Appreciate any feedback.


For measuring CPU utilization, you probably want to install Metricbeat on the remote server and use the system module (which is enabled by default).

Here is some documentation that might help get you started: and

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It works fine for me.

Now I am sending data from the windows remote server to the Elasticsearch and display data in Kibana.

Thank you very much.

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