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I just install on single VM elastic & metricbeat
I'm able to view the host overview in Kibana dashboard, but I have two questions:

  1. Is there metricbeat view per process (not host), like dashboard which showing the amount of CPU/MEM etc. consumed by a specific JAVA process currently running on my PC ?

  2. Eventually I'd like to have a single dashboard where I can view ALL my remote servers (each host & process resources).
    What should I install on each remote servers where my applications are running in order to view each machine and their resource allocation (CPU, MEM etc.) ?


  1. See
  2. You need to install metricbeat on all those servers as well.

RE:"You need to install metricbeat on all those servers as well"

Install the metricbeat on each server an then what ?

  1. Can I see simultaneously on the Kibana Dashboard ALL hosts resources ?
    My elastick & Kibana are running on separate server, while all other 10 hosts I'd like to monitor on some other remote servers.

How the data is collected from all remote hosts to the local machine when Kibana is running ?
Is it an online/offline process ?

Thanks for answering,


It's just like how you installed it on the single machine. It collects the data and then sends it via http to Elasticsearch.


I really appreciate your fast response on this.
As a person who doesn't know lot on Elastic tool etc. .....

What I need are a detailed instructions (step by step guide) of how should I perform the above like:

  1. Install metricbeat on the remote server
  2. Configure the file named to send the data to the local server (elastic)
  3. Configure Kibana dashboard to view the machine resources

It's really hard to proceed when I do not have what exactly to look for
Don't elastic have such guides, movies ?

Thanks again
Hope you understand what missing ...


Everything you should need is right here -

Hi Mark,

Thank you for providing this link.

What I can't find here is how do I monitor a SPECIFIC process PID (like JAVA process) that running on the remote server and see it's ongoing CPU/MEM usage etc. using metric beat ?

Also I'd like eventually to present this data on the Kibana dashboard


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