Use Kibana on my local machine to monitor Metricbeat on a remote VM?

I have Metricbeat and Elasticsearch installed and running on an AWS EC2 instance. I have Kibana on my local machine. In kibana.yml, I have the server address for the elastic.hosts parameter, and am able to run queries against the ES indices with no problem. But Kibana can't seem to "see" Metricbeat on the remote machine. How do I configure Metricbeat and/or Kibana to monitor the Metricbeat metrics from my local Kibana?

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Can you elaborate a little more on what you mean here please?

Sorry for the lack of details.

I think this is more a Metricbeat issue than a Kibana issue as I've continued to investigate this. I am going to ask for this thread to be closed, and I am going to post a new on in the Beats forum with more detail that I've recently discovered.

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