Metricsbeat -6.6.2 - CPU Usage missing| Ubuntu 18.04

Hi Team,

I have ELK stack on Ubuntu machine and also installed metric beat on the same machine. I access the Kibana URL from a remote Windows machine, by giving the IP: of the machine where Kibana is installed.

But am not getting the CPU Usage metrics for the same:

Is it because am accessing the machine from remote machine? I have installed metric beat in the windows remote machine and redirected the output to elasticsearch. In this case am able to get the CPU usage information:

It would be great if veterans can help me in this issue? In short the concern is

  • Am not able to get the CPU usage of the machine of the host machine, when trying to access the Kibana URL from a remote machine


If I get this right: You access the same Kibana instance from 2 different machines and you see different data? That sounds odd. Could you check the time checker to see if you select the same time interval?

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