Host Overview's System Navigation of CPU Usage Gauge is 0

Dear all
I use metricbeat to collect metrics from my system,but in Kibana's Dashboard,all the metric of Host Overview's System Navigation is zero,include CPU Usage Gange,Memory Usage,Disk and so on,the in fact,they are not zero.the dashboard is shown attachment picture.
can anyone help me analyse the problem,thank you very much.
Best regard

Hi @lujiao,

There seems to be some data in the cluster as some information appears in the dashboard, but it seems that no metrics have been received since some minutes ago. The gauges show the current state based on metrics at the end of the interval displayed, but there is no such data. This can happen for some reasons:

  • Metricbeat has stopped some minutes ago, or metrics are not reaching Elasticsearch since then
  • There is some delay since metrics are collected and they are indexed, this can happen if you have a huge quantity of metrics
  • Time in the host where metricbeat is running is delayed, so it sends metrics with a timestamp some minutes older

I hope this helps, if not, could you tell more about your scenario and configuration?

Hi jsoriano

First I don't have a huge quantity of metrics,in the server,there are no program except the elk.
second,in the Discover ,index metricbeat-*,we can see the metricdata is always received.
second,how to determine whether there is a delay?
Thank you very much.
Best Regards
Liu Lujiao

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