CPU usage gauge working for one host but not others in metricbeat dashboard. Infrastructure shows the correct value.. PLIS HELP

Hello - I've installed metricbeat (7.6) on multiple servers, and shipping data directly to elasticsearch (port 9200).

The metricbeat dashboards seem to be working for the most part but the CPU usage gauge is showing a non-zero value for only one host, and 0 for the others:

However, i'm pretty certain the actual cpu usage value is being forwarded as i can see it under the infrastructure tab:

I'm running a licensed version of the ELK stack. Can someone assist/guide me on how i can get this to work? The disk usage doesn't seem to be working either but would like to resolve this cpu usage issue first..


You say you're running a licensed version. Do you have a support rep you can contact directly?

My team member who set it up is on vacation - so don't have those details at the moment :(. Hoping for a quick resolution - seems something minor since the cpu usage value is showing under infrastructure but just not on the metric beats dashboard gauge

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