EC on k8s - Beats dashboards not showing CPU Usage data

Hello friends, im hoping you can guide me or help with an issue im having with metricbeats dashboard especifically and focusing on ->""[Metricbeat System] Host overview ECS.

Some of the gauge visualizations on the dashboard dont show any data for some of the hosts im monitoring with metricbeats (not all the hosts have this problem)

When i go into the visualization itself (clicking edit visualization button) it shows the data correctly.

I'm wondering if maybe there is something wrong with the dashboard or it is something with my setup.

Currently we have near 500 nodes sending data to my elasticsearch node, the node has 24 CPU and 32 GB RAM assigned, with 16 GB for the jvm, we are using a local storage inside the host for the data.

Please any advice would be apreciated.

Hi @rodwastaken and thanks for reporting this.

Do you have anything special with your setup? If your case is really base then I think that the dashboard should work out of the box (this is the purpose of the pre-built dashboards) so you can open a GH issue for this so as someone from the team to investigate this.

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