Metricbeat Dashboard only some stats working

Hi, I've setup metricbeat on a windows server. It currently ships it's logs to logstash and then elastic.

For some reason the deafult metric dashboard only shows some stats:

(Dont worry about the filtering, I only have one host sending metricbeat data).

As shown in the picture there is for instance no CPU usage being shown.
When I look at the CPU Usage Gauge [Metricbeat System] ECS visualization I can see that it expects system.cpu.user.ptc, and system.cpu.cores.

I find all those in my discovery tab using index pattern metricbeat-*

The same goes for the other stats not showing, network and disk etc.

I do get _grokparsefailure on my metricbeat data. In my logstash i do grokfiltering on filebeat and winlogdata, but nothing for metricbeat. Could that be the issue?

Appreciate all the help I can get!