[Metricbeat System] Overview ECS Dashboard version 7

Newly upgraded cluster to v7 as of today. All metricbeat agents are upgraded to
7. I've cleared out all metricbeat indices as this is a dev cluster. I've deleted all dashboard and and visualizations for metricbeat in the saved objects and reloaded them. Any help much apprectiated. I can't find much on the inet about this issue.

Unable to find a solution for some of my dashboards in metricbeat. See pic below.

Did you load the Elasticsearch index template for metricbeat? Are you ingesting to Elasticsearch directly or through Logstash?

Hey Ruflin, I'm loading the default ES template for metricbeat. I am ingesting directly to ES.

Basically the default settings
#==================== Elasticsearch template setting ==========================

index.number_of_shards: 1
index.codec: best_compression
#_source.enabled: false

Apparently something went wrong while upgrading metricbeat on the index. I stopped all my metricbeat agents. Deleted the metricbeat index and all the metricbeat saved objects and index pattern. Then reloaded the template metricbeat setup --template and dashboards --dashboards on one of the agents. All is working now. This was a dev cluster btw. Thanks for your help! It got me investigating the right path.

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