Automatically created templates break beats dashboards


I'm hoping someone can help me get this straight in my head. I've setup elastic stack all on one server and everything works well as it is. I've been messing with the beats in my lab (Winlogbeat, Packetbeat, Metricbeat etc..) and sometimes I get templates that seem to be named wrong..

e.g.. metricbeat-7.8.1

and when that happens all the built in sample dashboards for that beat seem to break... after some struggle and restarting elasticsearch I get an appropriate template named something like this:


and everything starts to work again. So, my question is.. what's configured wrong ?? I've checked the config files on the nodes and none of them have the "setup.template.settings" deleted in all my .yml files.. do I need to set setup.template.enabled to false explicitly?

Do you mean indices?
Are you using Logstash?


No.. not using logstash for this.. it's beats coming directly in to Elasticsearch

sorry.. I did mean indexes... the indexes that are created like this:


work fine.. but when I delete that index and a new one is built, it often gets named like this:


which then breaks the sample dashboards that go with the beats.

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