Monitoring Disk/CPU/RAM on Windows Nodes

(Seth S) #1

Is there a known solution for monitoring disk/memory/cpu usage on Windows boxes? Ideally this could be monitored through winlogbeat, however if I need to install a similar beat, that is fine.

In order to attempt this fix myself, I found a registry hack that allows the disk space to be written to the event log, however this only occurs one time when the disk space passes that threshold, and isn't applicable to trending etc.

Is there already a solution built for this, or any plans to build this functionality out? I'm not seeing anything in the documentation regarding a topbeat-like solution.

(Andrew Kroh) #2

Topbeat runs on Windows. And in 5.x, Topbeat is replaced with Metricbeat. And Metricbeat also runs on Windows.

Metricbeat 5.0 has a "system" module that is capable of collecting:

  • core - per core usage (will be available in 5.0.1, I just implemented this one for windows)
  • cpu - overall cpu usage
  • diskio - disk IO
  • filesystem - disk space
  • fsstat - summary of disk space across all mounts
  • load - Not available on windows.
  • memory - overall memory usage
  • network - per interface network IO
  • process - per process stats (cpu, mem, user, etc.) [I just fixed a few windows [issues]( for 5.0.1].

(Seth S) #3

Thanks @andrewkroh. Is this compatible with the old Elastic Stack? Or does it require the new 5.0 stack?

(Andrew Kroh) #4

Beats 5.x will work with the previous major release. It comes with an index template specifically for ES 2.x.

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