Total count of matched phrase in each result document

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the great software!
I have a query about total hit count across multiple documents, where one document can have more than 1 hit for my search term.
So let's say my search term is "information", and the word exists 50 times in 27 documents in multiple fields ( covered in my search query ).
Now how do I get this number, which is '50' in my example above?

The first thing that came to my mind is but it will work only on keyword fields if you run first a terms agg and valuecount sub agg I guess.

But then I realized that you might be able to find this information by using "explain": true in your query. Although I don't recommend using that in production as it would slowdown the search.

Satyaveer, did you get a solution to your problem ? Am also searching for the same, I wonder even is it possible using Elasticsearch, because I can't see a proper solution for that by anyone !

Please, reply me if you found a way how to do it !!


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