Total field limit exceed even less field than limit added in index

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I have an error the the "limit of total fields [55] in index" has been exceeded. Currently in my index I have 42 fields. Now I try to add 3 more fields (all integer type) in mapping but I got total field limit exceed exception.

Expected outcome :- 3 more fields should be added in existing index.
Actual Outcome :- Exception.

Is my understanding is correct.

I am calculating fields by fetching index setting and calculating "type" in mapping.

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Is there any fields created by elastic by default.
In my test case I found there are 11 fields by default.

Test case Step :-

  1. Create an index with name 'test' without any mapping.
  2. Change total field limit 11.
  3. Try to add a field in mapping.
  4. it throw exception field limit exceeded [11].
  5. Change total field limit 12 now.
  6. Try to add a field in mapping. This time it work.

When I saw mapping it show me only one field which I added.

Is this interpretation is correct.

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Yes. I believe the default internal fields like _id, _type, _index, _source (...) are playing a role here.

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Thanks @dadoonet for response.

How many such internal fields are there?

(David Pilato) #5

It's probably 9 fields. Not 100% sure though.


A part of those fields are documented here:

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Thanks @dadoonet.

It would be really helpful for me.

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