Tracer in libbeat is always enabled

here the tracer will always be given apm.DefaultTracer, hence these statements are always reached, and apm.DefaultTracer seems not to be fully disabled.
while we don't have apm server setup/configured, StartTransaction seems to have no effect, and it seems that it uses 5~10% memory.

could someone please suggest on this?

Hello there,

Sorry for the issue, and thanks for reporting!

We will put a fix for this in the next version.

In the meanwhile, might I ask if you are running in a memory-constrained environment? Does your process takes around ~50-100Mb during normal operation, or does that flame graph comes from a test environment or similar?
(We'll fix anyways, just trying to understand the use case and severity of this)


Thanks for the follow up.
The flame graph comes from testing environment. It was noticed with a large amount of metrics to be scrapped, metricbeat could be OOMkilled(running as systemd service and limited by cgroup), so we were trying to figure out how memory are used and noticed this problem.
Was there a github issue that I need to follow as well?


Yes, I filed an issue here, and a quick fix in Beats in

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That's great. thanks a lot!

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