Transaction headers for APM

Hello everyone! I'm facing a problem. Maybe you can tell me something. Deployed php elastic apm agent. In the logs I fix errors

$_SERVER does not contain `HTTP_HOST' key
Failed to discover path part of URL to derive transaction name - using default transaction name
$_SERVER does not contain `REQUEST_URI' key

Errors appear when scraping metrics by php-fpm-exporter from endpoint tcp://
In general, as I understand, it is logical, apm sees the variables, because the connection goes to the socket(9000) and is scolded, hence the exception of this uri in the config transaction_ignore_urls does not work.
Is there any other way to exclude these transactions from apm?

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Hi @KleinenberG - welcome to the community!

If we make it possible to include default transaction name (i.e., Unnamed transaction) in transaction_ignore_urls's value will it solve your use case?