Transaction pricing

Hello ,

I have configured logs on Kibana . We are getting 576,191 hits .
Please let us know the hist pricing per day or month .

Where are you running this? You will need to provide more context if you want an answer.

It is running on AWS instance. Our QA and Production environment was configured in kibana ,

as of now we getting 576,191 hits from kibana Discovery and want know the pricing of hits .

Are you hosting it yourself or using the AWS Elasticsearch service? Are you perhaps using Elastic Cloud on AWS?

we are using Elastic Cloud on AWS

Then it depends on the size you have deployed. Have a look at the website and the calculator that is avsilsble there. If in doubt I would recommend contacting support.

do you have any link to find out the pricing ..

Not right now as I am on my mobile.

The pricing is not based on the number of documents you are indexing.
Just open the cloud console with go to and you will see the current pricing.

You can also simulate future pricing with

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