Transasctions per second, how to present data to users using formats they are familiar with

Throughout our design documents we refer to transaction per seconds but when it comes time to view dashboards and visualizations I can't seem to find an easy way to display that information. With the interval selection the "second" selection always displays the too many bucket warning. I was wondering if there was a way to scale the results in relations to the set interval to display in transaction per seconds. This would make it a lot easier for the consumers of these dashboard to understand the information and not have to do the mental arithmetic to align values from the dashboard to the targeted metrics in our documents.

This topic was raised before in 2017 but it didn't appear to have a working solution at the time. I was curious to see if things have evolved since then?

Thank you

disable scale is not possible. Too many buckets will crash your browser.

Hello Wang, I understand the constraint of having too many buckets; I'm quite happy to have larger buckets but I want to manipulate the y axis to display the count divided by the bucket interval to effectively display requests per second.

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