Transform and Aggregate Index with an Index Rate of 200k/s

We are thinking about gathering our DNS traffic via packetbeat and create statistics out of the collected data. Currently we have a query rate of about 200k/s and growing... Because of the tremendous amount of data, we would need to aggregate the data and push it to a smaller index.

But to me it seems that every possible solution which comes with Elasticsearch (transforms, rollups etc.) can't handle Indices with a very high index rate. For example, a transform with a frequency of 1s (lowest possible) and page size of 10k (default) I'm not able to process more than 10k documents per second which is way too low. Is there a way to achieve our goal?

This is hard to answer, especially given the little details. Transform can go as fast as aggregations and indexing can go. Now 20x is a huge gap between your POC implementation and your goal.

There is no fixed limit in transform or rollup, it is just a matter of resources. Despite the option to add more hardware I recommend our documentation for running transform at scale.

However, it would be nice if you can describe the use case in more detail. I wonder if transform is the right tool for your case, are you summarizing only on terms?

For in-depth questions and more detailed performance guidance it might be better to contact support.

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