Transform data with false time range

Hey there,

I want to use the transform method to transform my original data in a more compact version. In my orignal data I have at aech document the fields "unique user Id" and the exact date.

Now I want to transform this data to a more compact version with the number of unique users grouped by day. So after the transformation I get the following results

The problem is now that I get the number of users for the time range from 2 am to 2 am of the next day. I think this depends on the default timezone of elasticsearch. I also tried to add some parameters like "offset" or "time_zone" but this doesn't work for the transform feature.

Is there any workaround for this issue?

Time zone and offset are currently not supported in transform.

If you are not using a continuous transform you could use script to implement time zone offsetting yourself.

Feel free to open an enhancement request in github.

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