Transform exception stop and expect auto restart

I use transform to filter and move index data. the transforom task run smoothly in nomal status. but in some case, I try to change the index setting e.g. set "number_of_replicas" : 0, the transtorm got exception and stop. the excption may like bellow:

task encountered irrecoverable failure: [test_2022-07-07/q_ZKnVF4S0eMxvYW-RzllA] QueryShardException[failed to create query: this Analyzer is closed]; nested: AlreadyClosedException[this Analyzer is closed];; this Analyzer is closed
to fix this:
1.stop the transform
2.start the transform again.

expect behavior :slight_smile:
transform do not stop, auto ignore the issue and retry again when catch exception. or some hook to restart task without homan handle.

Yes, we are working to allow transforms to run unattended, which will be available in a future release. For example, this recent PR makes setting the number of retries to be configurable for each transform, and will allow indefinite retries. [Transform] Implement per-transform num_failure_retries setting. by przemekwitek · Pull Request #87361 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub

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