Transforms combining pivot & latest


I have a case where i pivot data based on :

  • @timestamp (interval of 1 day)
  • Entity (let say customer_account)

A customer_account can order items any time, so raw data are like :

  • order_id
  • @timestamp
  • product_id
  • product_name
  • quantity
  • price
  • ... etc

I need a final index where i can track on a daily basis the behavior of customers, so my final indices looks like :

  • customer_account
  • @timestamp (yyyy-MM-dd)
  • number_of_orders
  • total_prices
  • first_order_of_customer

My issue is with first_order_of_customer i can only have the first_order_of_customer in each day

Is there any way i can include the real first_order_of_customer in each day aggregated data ?

Example : customer 1000087 ordered for the first time in 2022-12-03
I need to have first_order_of_customer = 2022-12-03 in aggregated data of day 2022-12-13 (if customer ordered something in 2022-12-13)

Thanks for support

With the date_histogram in group_by you cut off the necessary documents.

I can imagine having another transform just for updating a first_order_of_customer index and use enrich (using an ingest pipeline on dest) in your daily transform. Instead of enrich you could also have a 3rd transform that combines both, in this case however enrich seems simpler and sufficient.

Thanks @Hendrik_Muhs for your feedback
My only issue with enrich pipeline is that it require to execute the enrich strategy each time the enrich index is updated, in my case my enrich index (customer_account + first_order_of_customer) is dynamic and not static

I was thinking that the first_order_of_customer index might change rarely and it might be ok to re-create this lookup index daily.

In the transform where you have enrich, you could fallback to the first order in the bucket if enrich doesn't match anything as that indicates a new customer.

Anyway, the only other alternative I see is using another transform that merges both the first_order_of_customer and your daily_orders index into one.

With this scenario, the only thing i can do is to have cumulated & aggregated data per customer in a 3rd index, i will loose the daily based analysis

Got you, you are right, it does not work with a 3rd transform.

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