Translate filter not working for numbers extracted through Regular Expression

Hi, I have difficulties with a filed that I extracted from a long number to lookup with the translate filter.

Here is the initial number:

However I only require the last 5 digits and extract these with the following filter:
grok { match => ["CELL_ID_LONG", "(?<CELL_ID>\d{5})$"] }
Now I get:

This number I now would like to run through the translate filter however it is not returning the value, here is the filter:
translate { field => "Cell_ID" destination => "S_Name" dictionary_path => "/etc/logstash/conf.d/translate/name1.yaml" add_tag => [ "PRESENT" ] }

I have also tried to convert the number to an integer:
mutate { convert => { "CELL_ID" => "integer"} }

This also did not work, the name1.yaml file looks as follows:
... "15511": Ford ...

Could someone kindly assist in trying to identify why the translate filter is not working when using the regular expression to extract the digits and lookup the value?

Here is says Cell_ID with some lower case letters but in other places you refer to it as CELL_ID in all capitals. Which should it be?

Thank you very much @Christian_Dahlqvist it is appreciated

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