Translate filter with more than one input field


Related to another question I uploaded, and related to translate filters, is it possible to use translate filters with more than one field as input?

For example, I have this example:

translate {
dictionary_path => "/etc/logstash/conf.d/tmb/enr_missatge_codi.csv"
field => "gStrClasse"
destination => "[@metadata][extra_info]"

My extra_info field depends on 'gStrClasse' value. But can it depend on the combination of 'gStrClasse' and (for instance) another field called 'gStrTipus'? Something like "if gStrClasse==3 and 'gStrTipus'==5 then 'extra_info'='value_for_case_3_and_5'...

And extending my question, can I use wildcards in 'gStrClasse' or 'gStrTipus' field?



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