Translating Field Names in a Dashboard

I'm trying to build a pie chart lens that displays percentages of sex from my data. The data comes across as M, F, and O, but I would like to translate these to "Male" "Female" and "Other" when making the dashboard. I can't do it at index creation time, because the reality is that I'm going to be showing this to people and they will need to set up their own dashboards, and will want to make a decision on whether or not to do this translation or not. Is it feasible to rename sections of a pie chart in this way?


Hi, yes- there are a couple options for this. If you only have 3 categories, it might be feasible to use a Filters aggregation instead of a Top Values aggregation. Each filter can have a label. If you have more than 3 categories, you might want to edit the Index Pattern Field Formatter to use a Lookup formatter- this will affect the display of the field across all Kibana usage.

Perfect! I think that will work out just fine, thank you!

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