Transport client creates undefined conditions on server nodes

we use ES from a old jboss to connect to a new ES Server Cluster (2 Nodes)
with a transport client.
At this point (yes, should improved) we use java 6 with jboss, so we can
use ES version 1.1.1 as client. We also use lucene in a jboss application
with the same version uses with ES (4.7.2)
Server nodes running under Java 7 with version 1.3.2 of ES.

Most of the time this combination work fine, but some time one server turns
into undefined conditions. Connecting with the client seems to work
(execute), but the ES Server don't give data (get). Also the timeout
defined with client.transport.ping_timeout have no influence to stop
getting data. No errors in server log.

my hints of this problem:

  • I have a wrong configuration of transport clients
  • I have not all lucene jars, because I`m using only Transport Client
  • there is a problem with closing (singleton) clients unsafe (many warnings
    like [2014-11-04 09:06:59,658][WARN ][transport.netty ] [svennb-1]
    exception caught on transport layer [[id: 0xec4e7db5, /
    => /]], closing connection ) in log file

Some more hints?


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