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In the transport client settings builder, I'm currently using along with hosts. My settings builder looks like,

Settings.builder().put("", "abc").put("", "node1").put("client.transport.sniff", true);
here ^, is a mandatory field? I have seen some examples which includes and some examples which doesn't include. Its not very clear from documentation. What happens when we leave in the settings ?

It does not make sense to add a node name to something which is not a node but a client.

You don't have to set that.

Yes, makes sense.

I have a cluster with master and data nodes. I connect to the cluster from my app. I don't think have in the client would matter.

Do you know why certain examples have this field set ? Just trying to understand, what's the need to have this setting or when this will be useful.

I believe examples were using a Node Client (which should not be used) instead of a Transport Client.

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