Transport.publish_address warning

Hey lads,

I am looking through ElasticSearch Logs and inside: elasticsearch_deprecation.log i see loads of records populating with the following warning:

transport.publish_address was printed as [ip:port] instead of [hostname/ip:port]. This format is deprecated and will change to [hostname/ip:port] in a future version. Use -Des.transport.cname_in_publish_address=true to enforce non-deprecated formatting

I have Elastic Stack installed on windows as a windows service.
I navigated to: C:\elastic-stack\elasticsearch-7.7.0\config\jvm.options

I tried adding:
#Disable This format is deprecated and will change to [hostname/ip:port] error -Des.transport.cname_in_publish_address=true

Save file and restart ES service... But i still get these warnings populating?

I am using the latest version for my Elastic Stack - 7.7

Any help muchly appreciated.


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