TransportClient connection number

How many numbers of connections will a TransportClient make to a node in the cluster and will it connect to one node at a time or can connect to multiple nodes in the cluster?

We front client nodes with a load-balancer, so I want to know the number of connections made by the Transport client by default so that I can tune the load-balancer accordingly.

P.S.: Using netstat I can see that one transport client is making 14 connections, is this the default max number or it can increase further?

This article is a bit old, but I believe the details around the connection profile is still valid:

E.g. a TransportClient maintains 13 connections to a particular node, and I believe that 14th connection is one that is used for node discovery/sniffing/sampling.

@polyfractal Should all these 14 connections from a TransportClient in the persisting application map to a single host behind the load-balancer?

It came to my knowledge that TCP load-balancers can map connections from same application servers to different hosts behind the VIP for better load balancing, so are all these 14 connections important for Transport client created in the persisting application? I'm skeptical about the channel dedicated for ping, what if it maps to some other node and rest map to some other node or is it that ping is not relevant in this case?

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