Trapping mapper_parsing_exception original messages

Hi there. I am debugging a Logstash filter pipeline that occasionally throws an Elasticsearch indexing error.

Long story short is that I am trying to parse a log message from an application into key-value pairs using a Ruby filter. Sometimes the log message is broken into key/value pairs incorrectly, and a string value is returned for a field that should be a Long.

I don't need to go into too much detail; I'm just looking for a way to make Logstash trap the mapper_parsing_exception and save the original event data to another index or to a Kafka topic or a file... really, to anything that lets me examine the original event and try to work backward to find my bug.

Is there such a mechanism in Logstash? I'm currently using version 6.7.1.


Jeff Kirk

Are you aware of dead letter queues?

Hi Badger,

That looks perfect! Have never used that feature up to now. Thanks!


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