Treatment of missing data for moving average of sum metric


I am currently trying to create a histogram plot of some data. I have added a filter that will remove some documents that I don't want to show up in the results. This is working fine and the corresponding bins are empty.

After that I have added a new metric which is the sum of a field for all documents in a given bucket.
The bins that I excluded (via another field name so they are empty bins) are not shown. It is showing what I want.

Now when I add a new moving average aggregation on the sum aggregation all of a sudden the empty show up again and their values are set to zero. I would prefer if those zero values would not show up in the histogram.

I have tried adding the parameter "gap_policy":"skip" but alas that doesn't help, neither on the sum aggregation or the moving average aggregation.

In the histogram I can also not change the "show empty bins" check box.

Does the moving average aggregation assume empty bins to be zero when applying it to another aggregation? Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you!

Hi ,

I have asked @thomasneirynck to take a look as I didn't want to give you a half baked answer. Please wait for this to be answered. Thank you


hi @g4lvanix,

Could you attach a few screenshots of your configuration and how the chart looks like?

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