Treemap aggregation is not right


When showing a 2 level tree map if the bottom level is averaged why does the top level sum the averages?

{"Country": "India", "sample":1 , "State":"Karnataka"  }
{"Country": "India", "sample": 2, "State":"Delhi"  }
{"Country": "India", "sample": 3, "State":"Delhi"  }
{"Country": "India", "sample": 4, "State":"Delhi"  }
{"Country": "India", "sample": 5, "State":"Karnataka"  }
{"Country": "India", "sample": 6, "State":"Karnataka"  }

if we plot a treemap as below where the size by is Average of Sample field the values for sub fields are correct however why does it sum 4+3=7 for India instead it should average 4+3/2= 3.5

The Top Level Aggregation of TreeMap (as is with a Pie Chart) will always be the Sum of the 2nd Level Components... It is always equal to the Sum or 100%.

You could do a Table

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I understand the its possible in table but dont you think there should atleast be an option to let users select the way the top level aggregates data?

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Do I think?
For me in the past tree maps always have to add up to the sum or 100%

I come from a observability so tree maps always added up to disk space or total ram , total number of files etc. So that's what makes sense to me. Not saying that's right, it's just what makes sense to me.

You can absolutely open today each of request against the Kibana repo and describe your use case and we can see what we can do.

thanks I'll open a request on Github

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