Trigger an action on index rollover?

I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to trigger some external action (e.g. a Webhook) when an index rolls over. I thought this might be possible using some kind of HTTP Input with a Watcher, but am not sure what the Input would actually be. I've considered:

  • checking if new indexes have been created (and somehow determine if it is a new rollover index?)
  • checking an index's rollover status (did this roll over since Watcher last checked?)

But I haven't found an obvious way to do either of these things. Ideally the Watcher (or other mechanism) would be resilient to changes in the rollover policy (name patterns, time/size of rollover, etc).

Is there some way to get either of those ideas to work? Or is there some other way of achieving this?

Thanks for any help!

Hi Dave,

Currently there isn't a way to do that. I suppose you could write a custom watch to watch for index creation, but that would be a little clumsier.

If you think that would be something beneficial, please do open an issue describing your idea and the use case!

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