Trouble adding the 3rd Master node to the cluster

Hey All,

I have having issue adding 3rd master to my existing cluster, current setup below
2 Master Nodes working fine
2 Data Nodes working
not able to add the 3rd Master node to the existing cluster, I have validated the .yml configuration is same across all the three master nodes, two are working fine but the 3rd one is not able to join the same cluster

I think you have to setup following in new node elasticsearch.yml file.

cluster.initial_master_nodes: ["one of the existing master"]

then it will join the existing cluster

No @elasticforme that's not correct. From the docs for cluster.initial_master_nodes:

You should not use this setting when restarting a cluster or adding a new node to an existing cluster.

Then we must check log file.

Shabab, what is your log file says?

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