Trouble getting ILM to work for externally created index

Hello, I am using a kafka service from a supplier called Aiven, they have a connector which can push logs to elasticsearch.

They push the logs into a daily index called: kafka-YYYY-MM-DD .

Now I tried to create an index template, so I can use ILM with this.

      "index": {
        "lifecycle": {
          "name": "Standard-Index",
          "rollover_alias": "kafka-*"
        "mapping": {
          "total_fields": {
            "limit": "10000"
        "refresh_interval": "5s",
        "number_of_shards": "1",
        "number_of_replicas": "1"

This results in the error: "index.lifecycle.rollover_alias [kafka-*] does not point to index [kafka-2021-03-29]

Now I have looked at lots of documents, some suggest dropping the date (I have no control of that), i've read the documents a fair few times now and also scanned these boards and can't really find an answer.

Does any one have any suggestion on how I can catch this index and make it fit for ILM?

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