Trouble with search preference=_local

I have ES 1.0.2 and Lucene 4.6.

I was hoping preference=_local would query on the current node, but it does

The same node comes up at the top of the list for all shards regardless of
which node I search from,
it is not the primary node, neither is it the local node.

I am testing this with the _search_shards API like this:

curl -XGET localhost:9200/2/_search_shards?preference=_local

The larger problem I am trying to solve is to restrict searches to a geo,
we are a two geo site
and don't want searches going across the WAN.

I have experimented with allocation awareness (not forced), also with mixed
results, searches
always go to the first zone, this might actually be workable since we are a
setup, but it is not behaving as documented so I am leery of relying on
this behavior.

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