Troubles accessing an object array in a nested element with a script

Hi all,

I am trying to define a range facet on a value of a nested element that is
calculated by a script.
I have an object where level1Array is nested:
{ "a":{ "value":8 , "b":"xxx" }, "c":"zzz" },
{ "a":{ "value":13 , "b":"yyy"}, "c":"www" }

The value of the elevel1Array element used in the range facet is determined
by processing it's level2Array (evaluating b and c fields) and taking
a.value of the chosen object from level2Array.
My request looks something like this:

"query": {
"match_all": {}
"facets": {
"range1": {
"nested": "level1Array",
"range": {
"key_script": "l2Array = _source.level1Array.level2Array;
"value_script": "1",
"ranges": [
"from": 0,
"to": 10
"from": 10,
"to": 20

The request does work if the facet is not nested and I access the array
through _source. My problem is that when the range facet is nested I can
only access simple level1Array elements with doc['fieldName'].value but
doc['level1Array.level2Array'].value does not work becasue level2Array is
object array. I could not access the array through _source when using
nested facet. Is there a way to access my level2Array in a script when
doing nested faceting?


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