Try to start APM server inside elasticsearch pod

currently use these versions
Elasticsearch 7.2.0:

APM Server 7.2.0:

After installing APM-server inside the same pod where elasticsearch is located, I was trying to start apm-server. But got the next error ->

How can I fix it?

My pod is located in Azure via AKS.
So I've installed APM server in elasticsearch pod according to this guide ->

But no 'service apm-server start' command neither 'sudo -u apm-server apm-server [<argument...>]' ( don't work for me.

It looks like I need some additional step.

My resolution was next:

  1. check OS via 'cat /etc/os-release' command. In my case I have Centos.
  2. sudo was not installed, so I ran 'su -' firstly then 'yum install sudo'
  3. 'sudo -u apm-server apm-server'

After I checked APM server status via Kibana page ->

Happy to hear you found a solution.

You might also be interested in looking into Running APM Server on ECK (Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes). It is only in alpha and not GA yet, but might be interesting to follow along.

Hi Silvia, thanks. I'll check it.

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