Trying to read files from a Network Location

Hi, i need to read files that are in another server using filebeat, but im trying everything and does not work.

I created a network location in my PC and also try to acces with the IP of the server.

How can i do that ? I cannot install filebeat in the remote server because is a windows server 2003 and does not have powershell, and cant be restarted.

I show you how i have the routes:

I try with Z:\ and also with \IP, but none of these worked.

Thank you

I'm not very familiar with Windows environments so please bear with me as I do my best to try and help.

  • Is \\\mkms\ visible from your PC, using explorer (sorry if I'm using the wrong name here)?
  • Are there any errors in the Filebeat log? Would you mind (re)starting Filebeat on your PC and posting the logs from the first 20 seconds or so? Please make sure to scrub any sensitive information before posting.



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