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Under annotations in a TSVB graph, the query field allows a scripted field to be used. However the 'row template required' box does not allow a scripted field. Hence the values on the graph are showing incorrect numbers - absolute for some and negative for the bolt icon. Is there a way to bring in a scripted field into the row template as well? thanks

Using runtime fields instead of scripted fields should give you this capability: Manage data views | Kibana Guide [master] | Elastic

Even runtime fields don't seem to work with annotations. Looks like this is a handlebar expression - is there anyway to define absolute value of a field in this tab?

Which version are you using? I just tested on main and it works fine there.

7.14.1 can you give me an example please? thanks

TSVB annotations with runtime fields were added in v7.15.0. Here is the PR [TSVB] annotations support runtime fields by alexwizp · Pull Request #104287 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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