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Has anyone solved rendering dates in TSVB visualization? ( Time Series Visual Builder) Any field that was inputted as type: "date" with multiple random dates values. I only want 1 date shown just like the text field "id" is shown.
@Elvis_Saravia @Alex_Piggott

Hi @Mack_rogers,

As far as I understand the results you are working with, the output is expected since it is all the values of an array you are trying to display. You want "1 date shown just like the text field "id" is shown". What value were you thinking to display here?

@Elvis_Saravia You are correct that I am accessing the whole TREE/ARRAY using {{each _all} but within the tab "Data" look at each panel and the input field labeled "Top" ( correct me if I am wrong) this is where you set the size of your results.

So in the case of string fields, this will render 1 result of the TREE/ARRAY, but when you do it with DATES it renders the whole TREE. I want the same result that I receive with string fields. 1. If I increased the TOP field more results of the TREE/ARRAY will render the specified input.

TSVB also messes up with you add more than 4-5 fields it starts to reorder your code no matter if your code and panels read 1,2,3,4 (blocks of code or panels written in sequential order ) once you get to 5 or more... its reorders to 5,1,2,3,4 or worst.

Also, Boolean fields - TRUE or False render as 0's?

You are right, @Mack_rogers! It should be looking at the last bucket and return the corresponding date for that bucket... but instead, it sends back the entire tree. I am testing a bit more but in the meantime I would encourage you to open an issue for this because there seems to be a couple of issues as you have identified.

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