Tune for disk usage - phrase queries


In the guide for tuning for disk usage, it states:

text fields also store frequencies and positions in the index by default. Frequencies are used to compute scores and positions are used to run phrase queries. If you do not need to run phrase queries, you can tell Elasticsearch to not index positions

By adding "index_options": "freqs" to the fields's settings. The relevant guide for this option, has a more "simple" setting: docs. If I don't care about frequencies either, will a save more space by adding "index_options": "docs"?

It isn't clear which queries are affected when I change the index option. Only those which has match_phrase filter? Every query? Do I get an error messages when executing a query on a field where the option is changed?

Thank you!

It seems that it's quite hard to get an answer for ES internals. @ruflin do you know any place I can look up to be able to decide if I should change the index option above? While I'd be able to test how much disk space I saved, I can't say which queries/aggregations will be affected and that's concerning me.

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