Tuning search to speed up shingle analyzer response time from 150ms to 30 ms


I am using shingle as search analyzer

SSD: 256 GB
Heap size: 4gb

Index size is: 700mb
Total documents in index : 4 million

A simple match query is made

GET index/_search
    "match":{"planets_text":"How Much Bigger is Jupiter Than Earth"}

This query return two outputs for me:
Jupiter and earth

I tried tuning using
Heap_size as 4g

index.store.preload: ["*"]
bootstrap.memory_lock: true

After tuning and before tuning it takes same time for response:
Response time: 150 ms
After caching: 30-40 ms

What further tuning can be done to reduce response time to 20-30 ms for fresh query.


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