TVSB - ploblem to display only selected element in Kibana 7.7


After a recent update to the altogether great 7.7 release of Kibana, I am facing the following problem with my TVSB visuals. While on version 7.3, upon highlighting a line in my chart would display the corresponding tag from legend, in Kibana 7.7 a similar highlight would result in dispaying all legend elements, with the one I have my cursor on highlighted.

Is there a way to go to the old one, as it was really useful?

Thanks in advance,

Kibana 7.3 - tvsb

Kibana 7.7 - tsvb

Hi @Dimitrios_Dellios
Unfortunately there is no workaround right now to that if not only changing a line in the source file.
It's a known bug/enhancement that we need to address:

Many thanks for your response. I will dig in further to try and fix it on my end, based on your suggestion! Keep the great job!

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