Twitter plugin not catching tweets

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I have a persistent problem with the twitter plugin on streaming tweets:
Logstash instance runs correctly with no logged errors, but it does not catch tweets only on a specific network. It works on any other machine with the exact same setup and configuration, just not on the one where it should. The setup used to work fine, but suddenly stopped working. I am not an administrator of the network, but must figure out what changes need to be done.

Are there certain ports that need to be opened? I had the port 9600 opened (logstash API endpoint) but that did not help.

I have tried two different logstash versions, 2.4.1 and 6.2.2. and they both have the same behavior. Log output is the same regardless, as in error free. If I use wrong credentials or hit rate limiting, I get an error from Twitter API. But no tweets on this one machine.

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