Twitter Logstash issue


I have an issue with my twitter app and logstash twitter plugin.

I have to extract tweets using the logstash twitter plugin. When I was using my old aps, it works perfectly (I have created it in 2020)

Now I created a new standalone App. I set the OAuth1. but it is required to add a callback url and website url. And I don’t need them because my purpose is to use these APP in logstash twitter plugin.

I put anything in these two urls, then I copied the access token to Logstash, but it is not working.

[2022-06-08T22:14:14,280][WARN ][logstash.inputs.twitter ][main][435bb25afab9f4209abf681be00d2246423a14d2c7cc9f3dd9a3062c27577c5a] Twitter client error {:message=>"", :exception=>Twitter::Error::Forbidden, :backtrace=>, :options=>nil}

My question is: What should I provide to twitter app (callback and website url) in order to authorize logstash. (Because I’m not developing any website).

Or these new modifications in twitter apps are not considered by logstash?

I'm really stacked.

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