bank is ok for kabana 4 but where is twitter on kibana 4 ?
i want to use the geohash...

i am talking about that part:

Sample data
If you use the provided Kibana 4 vagrant machine, you will have the same sample data, we use throughout the tutorials. There are two indices (sets of data) included:

twitter: contains a set (~15.000) of public tweets, all collected on February, 5th 2015, between 12:00 and 12:05 (UTC+1) approximately. This is event based data and will be used during this tutorials. Notice on the data: It has been recorded from the live stream, meaning each message has been recorded the moment it appeared (was tweeted). That’s why no message will have any count of retweets or favorites.

Are you talking about this link -

yes :smile:

i built an other database...