Two characters consider as one


I have an elasticsearch server v.6.3 and an index of 100,000 posts of my wordpress site.

My contents is in arabic and persian languages.
My problem is that arabic and persian have similars characters that are not realy same charachters but each visitor may use persian characters or arabic one. for example "ی" (persian) and "ي" (arabic).

my posts are not same, some of them typed with arabic characters and some with arabic characters.

for example words:
العسکری (persian charachters)
العسكري (arabic charachters)

also visitors my search this arabic word with arabic characters of persian characters.

I want this two characters considerd as one and visitors find the words contain them whether use same character or not

Which analyzer or other tools sould i use?

Sorry for my poor english :slightly_smiling_face:

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